An extraordinary home gardening living experience

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about yourself, friends and environment

Effortlessly bringing to your plate, all year long, unimaginable taste and freshness.

Our mission

Providing fresh, locally grown products while respecting our planet.

We dream about an



Open with a flick of a finger

And discover the pleasure of growing fresh produce in the heart of your kitchen.

Feel the beauty

There is no comparison to the touch of a Grangette salad. A whole universe of sensations at your fingertips.

The scent of goodness

Get prepared to be blown away by the aroma of pure nutrients.

Intuitive connection

The digital extension opens a virtual mirror to your Grangette, wherever you are.

Future evolution

Experience the magic of growth, discover how your plants evolve in time.

Growth cycles

Monitor your plants and watch them grow with fascinating live views and time-lapses.

Smart interactions

Discover and monitor your seedlings as well as order and plan your future harvests.